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IAFS Honors: Search the Web...Smarter

A library guide for students in IAFS Honors

Why Websites?

Be Smart When Searching the Web

Google, Google Scholar, Wikipedia, and other websites can all help you develop your topics and locate hard-to-find information on your topic. International organizations use the web as their primary distribution source, so this is a good way to expand your international topics.

Search Google Smarter

Love Google Scholar? So do we!

Just make sure you're signed-in to your email address so that Google knows that you're a CU student. That way, Google will give you access to the articles that you've already paid for.

Hold up...did this librarian just give me permission to use Google for research?

Yes, but IAFS is a unique discipline that depends heavily on international publications. Many of these are simply easier to locate through Google. But please remember that Google does not have everything and you may be missing lots of resources that would otherwise be available on the library website.

Site Searching = Smart Searching

Site searching is a powerful shortcut for your research

You can do a site search for any topic imaginable, and you can pre-limit your search to results from specific websites.

  • First, enter your search terms
  • Second, add site:
  • Third, include the website or the domain that you want to limit your search to


  • HIV prevalence in syria - searches the UNAIDS website only
  • data protection - searches the International Court of Justice only
  • crude oil - searches the United Arab Emirates government pages only


Custom Google Search

We've already done some of the work for you! This custom Google search lets you search for information from International Organizations only.

Follow the Breadcrumbs


Wikipedia and other online resources can be a great place to start!

But be sure to check the references (make sure there are references) and if you can't access the item, search for it in the library catalog.

Use Google to Find Foreign Government Websites

Step 1

  • Locate your country's  URL code

    • Canada = .ca
    • France = .fr
    • Falkland Islands = .fk

Step 2

  • Use a site search in Google to limit your results to websites using the country code
    • Search term + site: + country code
    • Example: Foreign ministry site:fr

Step 3

  •  Look for a link to the English (or your preferred language) translation. These are usually located at the top of the page.