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PSCI 3062 Revolutions and Political Violence (Young): Research

Course guide for Greg Young's PSCI 3062 Revolutions and Political Violence

We Recommend

These resources can be used to find background information about your particular revolution or conflict. Try searching for a particular event Gale Virtual Reference

These are more "traditional" scholarly article databases where you can find peer-reviewed journal articles. Try searching for your revolution and theory together to see what other experts in the field have written.

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News Resources


Pair-up or get into a small group.

Go to this website and follow the directions.

Please be prepared to answer a few questions in front of class!

What Source Should I Use?


Best for deep coverage of a broad topic


Best for in-depth analysis of a specific topic and locating primary & secondary sources


Best for locating facts (who, what, when, where, why) and following up with secondary sources