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PSCI 3062 Revolutions and Political Violence (Young): Welcome

Course guide for Greg Young's PSCI 3062 Revolutions and Political Violence


Welcome to the Revolutions and Political Violence Library Session

For this class you are asked to write a research paper connecting a historical revolution to some of the theories you have studied in class. This information is likely to come in a variety of forms; news, journal articles, and yes maybe even Wikipedia. In order to help you select sources of information that will help you in this great endeavor we (Kate and Allan) are going to talk about what a reliable source looks like. Afterwards, we will take some time to show you a few places where you can find this information, in addition to working on some search strategies.   

If by chance you have decided to sleep in on the day of this class or simply forgot what we talked about the rest of this guide will help "guide" you in your research process.  

Today's Agenda

  • 4 Tools and Tips from the Library
  • What is a "reliable" source? Group and class discussion
  • Choosing and evaluating a database

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