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Space Technology Business Plan: Competitive Analysis

This is the guide for Dr. Burns' ASTR4800 Space Science: Practice & Policy class.

Research Companies

Are there a lot of similar companies in this area (competitors)? How much do the competitors earn in revenue? How much do they spend on rent and payroll? Use the U.S. Businesses database within ReferenceUSA to locate and analyze your competitors.

Patent Searching

Patent searching can be a little complex, because patents use very stylized language, and because they are often filed in particular nations (e.g. all US patents are filed with and disseminated by the US Patent and Trademark Office, while Japanese patents are filed and disseminated by a similar organization in Japan) but several tools can help you find them more efficiently.

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How much of your time and capital will be tied up in finding, creating, and receiving your products or materials? Can you outsource? How easy would it be to replicate your product?

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