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Space Technology Business Plan: Market Research

This is the guide for Dr. Burns' ASTR4800 Space Science: Practice & Policy class.

Boulder Business

Considering Boulder for your venture? The Boulder Economic Council has an Aerospace in Boulder factsheet about aerospace companies in and around Boulder.

Find a snapshot of Boulder's demographic makeup, or download the BEC Market Profile for more detail.

Be sure to look at the business section of the Daily Camera and BizWest for news and research about local businesses and businesspeople.

Create a Prospect List

Market Research Reports

Market Research Reports outline the macro trends that impact your market.

Who Wants What You Have to Offer?

Once you've defined your target market segment (for example: long-distance runners), you can use secondary research to determine the size of the segment and whether it's growing, shrinking, or stable.

  • If your target market is a type of consumer, use the data tables in Mintel reports to define the size of your defined market segments.
  • If your target market is a particular type of business (e.g., dairy farms), use an industry report from IBISWorld.

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