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APRD 4102: Sustainable Brand Practices: Product Category, Competition & Trends

Resources and tools for Erin Schauster's APRD4102 group project.

Overview, Background & Future Trends

Category Data & Brand Share

Mintel has tons of content about product categories and brands.

Use the Category Overview menu to select a theme (for example, Leisure & Entertainment or Drinks). These options take you to different types of content about the topic, including analyst insights, infographics, and statistics. You will see a list of reports at the bottom of the page - the most recent reports are often not included here (search for one or two terms; reports will be at the top of the result list).

In the report menu, look for "Brand/Company" to learn about the competitive landscape and innovative marketing strategies.


Use these sources to identify trends, competitors, and other factors that complement what you found in IBISWorld and Mintel. Over-relying on one source (i.e., Mintel) is a risky habit when it comes to strategic business decisions. The sources below provide market and brand share data from different publications, and much more. Business Insights: Global also contains company information, articles from trade publications, and industry essays.

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Good to Know

Mintel has tons of content about products and brands, but it may not cover the exact product you are researching. Start with Mintel or IBISWorld for the macro view, then look for trade articles or consumer survey data (Data-Planet or Simmons) for more specific data.