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APRD 4102: Sustainable Brand Practices: Boulder Marketplace

Resources and tools for Erin Schauster's APRD4102 group project.

Boulder Consumers

Any systematic search for business information should begin with, "who is likely to keep track of this information?" For this assignment, the answer starts with the local organizations who have an interest in Boulder's economy.

The Boulder Economic Council is a unit of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and is devoted to improving Boulder's economy. Some of the most up-to-date research and statistics about business and demographics are collected and published here.


The Colorado Demography Office collects and distributes data about Colorado's population, housing trends, labor and employment, and lots of projections for the future.

Target Market Data at the Zipcode Level

Boulder Business Publications

Local journalists follow market trends with a perspective that is unmatched in national analyst or market research reports. Familiarize yourself with the reporters who write about the area and consider following them on social media for additional ideas.

Census Data

Off Campus Access