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Ada Lovelave Day Wikipedia Editathon: Editing Wikipedia

October 11th is Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates women identified people in STEM. Help make their contributions clear by adding & editing Wikipedia entries for them!

Pick a project!

We'll start with the WikiProject Women in Science, who have generated a list of needs. If you have an idea of your own though, knock yourself out!

  • Take a look at the suggested projects. Pick one that looks interesting & doable!
  • Check out the core content policies (basically, use a neutral point of view, attribute material to reliable published sources, and don't present original research) and the content guide (which explains things like notability and reliable sources).
  • Then, go to the page you want to edit. You can edit without an account, or create an account if you think you'll want to do this a lot!
  • We suggest editing using the Visual Editor.
  • Make sure to reference your sources!



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