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Rhetoric and Composition Research Guide. Composition studies. Rhetoric Studies. Rhetoric


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Theory and Practice of Education LB 3-3640
Literacy and Illiteracy LC 149-161
Interpersonal Communication P 94
Semiotics. Signs and Symbols P 99
Comparative Grammar P 201-299
Rhetoric. Composition. Discourse Analysis P 301-302
Modern English PE 1001-1693
Technique. Literary Composition, etc. PN 172-239
Oratory. Elocution, etc. PN 4001-4355


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Rhetorical Terms


ethos: appeal to character or authority   

logos: appeal to logic and reason

pathos: appeal to emotion      

Canons of Rhetoric


Additional Terms

kairos: opportune moment, the right appeal to the right audience  

decorum: fitting one's speech to the context and audience

doxa: public opinion, commonly held belief       

lexis: style and delivery       

stasis: key point at issue in a debate