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Using Simmons NCS to Analyze Consumer Preferences: Run Quick Reports

Quick Reports Overview

Quick reports allow you to specify a target and a base (optional).  The target might be an activity, interest, or buying habit.  For example, you might look at people who play video games, people who ski, or people who buy Doritos at least once a month.  If you want to specify a larger demographic to focus on, you can add that to your base.  Your base might be a particular age group, ethnicity, or gender.  Bottom line: you want your base sample (if you have one) to be bigger than your target sample. 

Quick Reports: Setting Up a Search

1. When Simmons opens, it opens to the crosstab view.  Click Quick Reports to open the right window.

screenshot of the quick reports tab under "profile."

2. Now look for the Edit button next to target and base. This is what you click to select your population.

screenshot of edit button next to base.

3. When you click Edit for either the target or base, you will be taken the the Simmons search screen.  You can click Search and try typing in a term (like yogurt or skiing) or browse by clicking the arrows next to the large categories and narrowing down to the specific questions and answers. Once you see question marks, you can click on those to see the answers in the pane next to it.  You can then drag the responses down to the bottom pane.

screenshot of the tv show category in the Simmons search view.

4.  You can add multiple answers together with the or operator.  So, the screenshot below shows the population that either watches American Idol or X-Factor once a week.  You'll notice that when you pull answers down to the bottom pane, they turn into code that isn't easy to read.  You can add a name that allows you to identify that population later on.

screenshot of search for American Idol or X-Factor viewers.

5. You now have a population you can add to the target or the base (look for the Use as Target and Use as Base buttons at the very bottom of the screen).  Use your smaller category as the target.   If you'd like to include a larger category (like Latinos or college graduates), use that as your base.  You don't need a base to run a report, though.

Quick Reports: Running and Viewing

Once you have chosen a target (and a base, if you like), you can decide if you want to view the demographic profile, which gives you basic information (gender, age, income, ethnicity, education) about the consumers you have selected, or segmentation, which breaks your consumers into pre-defined groups based on their food, health, media, and other preferences.  Once you've made your choice, click Run Analysis to see your report.

screenshot of demographic profile and segmentation options

Click on Export to download the data as PDF, PNG, or Excel. If you'd like to see both the demographic and segmentation reports, you can click edit once you've opened and saved one, and then run the other report with the same data.

screenshot of edit link. 

Video Tutorial

Learn More: Quick Reports Guide

If you want to learn even more about interpreting Quick Reports, here is the user guide from Simmons, also available under the Resources tab in the database.

* Beware of Asterisks *

A single asterisk (*) indicates that the data in a cell is unstable and should be used with caution.  Two asterisks (**) indicate that the cell represents fewer than 30 respondents.