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Using the Wall Street Journal:

This is a guide to finding the Wall Street Journal at the University of Colorado Boulder.

We do not have a campus subscription to While the allows you to access some content for free, most content is only is viewable by subscribers. Here are the steps to get access to a particular article:

  1. Click the locked title link.
  2. Copy the title at the top of the page.
  3. Open Factiva.
  4. Copy the title into the box and hit enter.
  5. Your article should appear as one of the results.

Things that cause difficulties in Factiva:

  • If you copy the title from the home page that is often not the title indexed, always open the article to copy that title.
  • If there is punctuation in the title it will often cause difficulties.
  • The search in Factiva defaults to phrase searching, if you want to do something else you must use the Boolean terms (AND, OR, NOT).