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Ada Lovelave Day Wikipedia Editathon: Home

October 11th is Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates women identified people in STEM. Help make their contributions clear by adding & editing Wikipedia entries for them!

What is Ada Lovelace Day?

Portrait of Ada, Lady LovelaceAda Lovelace Day (ALD) is an international day to celebrate the contributions of women-identifying people to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The goal is to celebrate their contributions, increase awareness of womens' contributions to STEM, and provide an avenue that encourages girls and women to join STEM fields.

Why Ada Lovelace?

There are lots of people whose name could be used to identify this day, but Ada Lovelace was perhaps the first computer programmer. She worked closely with Charles Babbage, who designed the Analytical Engine, a first computer, and realized the power algorithms could have. Find out more here.

What are we doing?

Women in STEM are underrepresented on Wikipedia. Since this is a major information source for lots of people, we're celebrating Ada Lovelace Day by hosting an edit-a-thon updating and adding to Wikipedia.

Want to help? Stop by Gemmill Library's Math 150 any time between noon and 5 pm and in just a few minutes you can help out! No experience necessary, and you can spend just a few moments to as much time as you like.

And, bagels and coffee+inclusion seems like a winning combination.

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