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SOCY 4086: Family and Society: Get Started

This is a guide for Professor Amy Wilkins SOCY4086 Family and Society Class

Quick Survey for Class

Before we get started please fill out this quick survey on what you want covered in class today.

Search Strategy

Think before you search! No matter which search tool you use (databases, Google, etc.), it always helps to have a search strategy. A little planning at the beginning of your research process will save time. 

Think of alternative terms, here are a few examples

  • Divorce
    • synonyms/alternatives = separation, separate, marital dissolution, split up
    • broader = marriage, marital
    • narrower = divorced spouse, annulment
  • Women
    • synonyms/alternatives = female
    • broader = gender, sex
    • narrower = girl, lady, daughter, wife

Here are is a copy of the worksheet we used in class:

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