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RLST 3000: Christian Traditions (Catlos): Course Information

This guide provides helpful resources to complete the research paper assignment in Professor Catlos's Christian Traditions course.

Assignment Details

Below are a few major requirements for your research paper. Please see the complete description of the assignment which Professor Catlos has provided for further details.

In this essay you will examine one aspect of Christian tradition, taking one of the following approaches:

  1. over the course of Christian history (Historical)
  2. in distinct places and contexts in modern Christianity (Regional)
  3. in distinct denominations (Denominational)

The paper should be no less than 12 pages in length and no more than 14 (double-spaced 12-point font with 1” margins).

The bulk of your paper should be based on published scholarly or similar sources (scholarly books, journal articles, newspapers: “substantial sources”), occasional use of encyclopedias is acceptable (“supplementary sources”). Online sources, if they are dependable by scholarly standards, or if they are themselves primary sources, are acceptable (URLs to be cited in full; it is also recommended you save as a pdf any website you cite).
You should read, use and cite no less than twelve “substantial sources,” and no more than a few “supplementary sources.”

Library Class

The library instruction session, taught by Megan Welsh, Religious Studies Librarian, will help you to find scholarly and supplementary resources to be used for your assignment. It will also help you to be more comfortable finding and using the Libraries' resources and asking for help.

Megan will be meeting with each recitation sections at the following times and locations:

  • Wednesday, 9/28/2016 from 2-2:50 pm in Norlin Library E113
  • Thursday, 9/29/2016 from 10-10:50 am in Norlin Library E260B
  • Friday, 9/30/2016 from 12-12:50 pm in Norlin Library E113