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PHYS 3050 (Wilkerson): Writing in Physics: Writing and Citation

Common Physics Citation Styles

These are some of the most common citation styles used in physics. Many journals use their own citation style, so if you don't see your style, try searching the Internet by the journal's name and the words, "author guidelines."  The related Citations Styles guide also has resources for the most common citation styles.  

Scientific Citation Styles


Managing Your Citations

What is a citation management tool?

Citation management tools allow users to retrieve information, such as books, articles and Web sites from the Internet, including library databases. These tools let users organize their citations in folders, or collections, and they work with word processing software to insert properly formatted in-text citations and bibliographies.


Zotero is a free, open source web-based citation management tool that allows you to collaborate with others and works well with a variety of file formats (e.g. PDFs, HTML files, JPGs).  Zotero support has a number of self-guided instructions, tutorials, and FAQs.  The Citation Managers guide also provides instructions for and information about Zotero.


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