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Multilingual Reference Management: Choosing your RMS

Zotero or Juris-M?

Zotero Juris-M

  • those still primarily working in English.

  • working in a mix of languages, especially if citations need to include translations or transliterations of sources.

  • Free, Open Access
  • One click solution to import citations, PDFs, websites, etc.
  • Online back up and syncing across computers
  • Collabrative folders
  • Easy to use almost immediately.

  • Can only store information in one language or another, not both.

  • those who research in one language and publish in another.

  • those who are not confident with computers.
  • BibTeX / LaTeX users; the multilingual metadata is not compatible with these.

  • All the same benefits as 'normal' Zotero.
  • Automatically imports Zotero library.
  • Completely integrates with Zotero account.

  • Is not officially supported by Zotero.
  • Need to pay attention to updates more carefully. Follow the Juris-M website to be aware of issues.
  • Also advisable that you sign up for the Juris-M listserv so you can report issues and learn from others in the community.

Get Zotero if: You're really only going to work with one language. Or if you really feel lost when using computers. Zotero is very easy to use and you could master its functions in an hour or two.

Get Juris-M if: You work extensively with non-English sources and intend to write/publish in English. Especially if you know that a publisher will expect translations and/or transliterations to be included in your citations or bibliography.