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FREN 3500 Current Events in the French Speaking World: Conversation and Composition (Kilbane): Find

Searching the Catalog by Subject Heading

If you need to identify a magazine, journal, or newspaper for your project, you can use the library catalog, Chinook, to do that. Search using the Subjects France and Periodicals and add a keyword related to your topic. Next, filter by Material type (Journals/Serials) and Language (French). 

This search will return both print and electronic results. You may have to request print materials from our offsite storage, PASCAL.

Chinook Subject search for French Periodicals plus music

Library Subscription Databases for Current Events

If you know the name of a magazine, newspaper, or journal that you want to search, try finding out which ouf our databases provides access to its content by check our E-journal search.

This search will only return results related to electronic subscriptions. Search OneSearch or Chinook for print.

This results in the screen shot below shows that we have access to Le Monde through six (6) different database subscriptions, but the date coverage varies by resource: 

Results from a search on Le Monde


News Databases:

Be sure to fully explore the Advanced Search screen of a database as well as its filter options. If you get stuck, look for a Help Menu or Search Tips or contact your subject librarian. 

Factiva database search for information about riots in Region: France

Using the internet to find sources

Google has some advanced search options. The Boolean operators we use in databases (AND, OR, and NOT) can also be used in Google: a space = AND, OR = OR, and the hyphen (-) will exclude a word from your search. In Google, a search for "Musique moderne" AND (Paris OR France) NOT jazz, would look like this:

Google search for "Musique Moderne" AND (Paris OR France) NOT Jazz

Click the link below to find out more:

Searching a domain or individual website

A Google Domain or "Site" search can help you discover information on a specific site or type of site (.gov, for example).

Google site search on domain fr for (dance OR danse) AND "hip hop"


Finding Older Information on the Internet

Google's web search has a date filter under the Tools menu:

Google search for Emmanuel Macron using Tools menu to filter between 4/23 and 5/7/2017


Internet Archive

Use a tool like the Wayback Machine to see what websites looked like in the past. The Internet Archive takes snapshots of sites and preserves a copy of what the site looked like on a certain day. 

Wayback Machine from Internet Archive screen shot of Charlie Hebdo site

Finding the Full Text of an Article in a Database

This graphic explains the process for using "Find it at CU," available in most databases and Google Scholar, to locate the full text of an article.

Text alternative for web accessibility - infographic

Infographic about finding the full text of an article in a database

Finding ALTEC materials through University Libraries

News about France or in French

The news can be a great source of ideas for research topics, background information, and cultural context. Below are some links to news sites. Be aware that some news sites require you to pay for access. If you hit a paywall, try searching for a subscription through the library's E-Journals Search on our home page.

Daily Newspapers

Combine Search Words

AND  link words by AND to search for all words in the same resource

OR  link words by OR to search for one word or another (instead of both/all words)

NOT  to eliminate results with a certain term

“Quotations” – add quotations to a group of two or more words to search for the exact phrase 

Research Process: Choosing a Search Tool

Where you search for books is not always the same as where you search for articles. Information can be found in many places using many different search tools like online search engines, library subscription databases, or library catalogs. How do you choose which search tool to use? 

Use the link below to find suggestions based on your major or area of interest, or by type of information:

Searching University Libraries Collections

OneSearch is the main search box you'll find on the library home page. It searches our library catalog, Chinook, plus a whole bunch of other great resources including article databases. If you know you need a book or journal, or to find out if we have a subscription, you can just use Chinook Classic.

Chinook has its own tips and search techniques. Check out the link below to learn how to use it like a pro!

Databases for Secondary Sources

You can use secondary sources, like scholarly articles, to put news into context. Or you can search the scholarly articles to find out about issues related to the news like media bias or the digital divide.

Multidisciplinary Databases:

These databases are a good starting place for any topic:

Subject-Specific Databases:

Hover over the information icon () to learn more about each database:

Open Access Resources:

Google Scholar

Working Off-Campus

Access licensed resources  with your

identikeyusername and password.

Click on a library database or resource, follow the log-in screen instructions.

authentication screen

Or for those databases requiring VPN, follow instructions to download.