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CVEN 3718 Geotechnical Engineering 2: Getting started & finding a project

Start here to find resources for searching the literature on geotechnical engineering, especially focused around resources helpful to your short presentation.

What this page is for

This page is a starting point for your literature research in CVEN 3718. You'll find links to databases where you can discover information on your presentation topic, tips for searching, and information on using the relevant collections at the Gemmill Library.

Identifying a project

If you're wondering how to identify a project or innovation to research, you have several options. Experiment and see what works best for you.

  • Browse trade journals in your field at Gemmill Library. Find journals just past the main desk at Gemmill. Among others, look for:
  • Flip through recent books on geotechnical engineering. Search OneSearch for a general topic, then browse the stacks at Gemmill.
  • Browse professional organizations with an interest in geotechnical engineering, like ASCE's Geo-Institute or local ones like CAGE
  • Search the web. Try adding or to your search terms; this will limit to organizations and governmental projects respectively, giving you quicker access to reputable information for a solid overview.
  • Search databases very generally, and use the subject terms on the left side to narrow down to particular projects.


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