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One Topic Through Many Lenses

You will be exploring issues through a number of lenses.  In this class, it might seem daunting to do so much research so fast, but the CU Boulder University Libraries has a wealth of information to help you explore your topic and become an expert.  Librarians are here to help you identify research strategies & tools you can use to find relevant, credible information sources. 

This guide will help you practice strategies for getting a quick sense of the conversation around your topic, tools for deep dives into the literature, and tools for managing the resources you find.  The tool we recommend for managing literature is Zotero, a free citation management tool.  It will not only help you create bibliographies incredibly easily, it will also help you organize your thoughts.

How can I take a quick look at my topic through mulitple lenses?

At this point, hopefully you have an idea (or two!) of an issue you are interested in exploring.  Making sure the topic can be explored through a number of lenses is important.  A reference or encyclopedia article will help you get an overview of a topic and ensure the topic can be explored through multiple lenses.  At this point, your topic should be pretty broad.  Encyclopedia articles are about broad topics with a lot of research and accepted facts.  They will mention narrower aspects of that topic.  Search for your broad topic in the following reference sources, and then read those articles to learn about the narrower aspects of the topic.  See if there are aspects of the topic that fit within each of the lenses - individual, interpersonal, and institutional.

• OneSearch, limiting the content type to "reference":


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