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CHEN 4520 & 4530 (Belval): Chemical Engineering Design: Chemical Property Data

Start Here: Chemical Property Data

These resources can be used to look up basic properties of various chemicals and materials.  


The eBooks below are include tables and data for a number of different properties.  

Google Search Techniques

When thinking about where to find the chemical property data you need, it is helpful to think about who would make this data available.  Often the answer to that question is a government body, nonprofit organization, or international organization of some kind.  Examples include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the European Union, or the United Nations.  These organizations freely put information on the open web because they serve the public.    

It can take time to wade through the huge number of results from a Google search.  A useful search technique to narrow your Google search to the most credible and relevant sources is to add a site limiter to your search string.  Site limiters instruct Google to bring back results from only the URL's you enter.  For example, if you would like to look for results from U.S. government websites, you could search: 

ozone depletion potential data

If a specific organization publishes data, try searching their website or using Google to search the organization's website, for example:

emergency response planning guidelines

to find results from the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

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